Art Therapy: Paint a picture of your feelings

You might be familiar with expressions such as “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “Do I have to paint you a picture?” These idioms are rooted in the belief that images can sometimes be more effective than words at capturing and conveying complex ideas, thoughts and feelings. Words are phonetic labels our ancestors used to facilitate communication, which initially happened through images, as indicated by prehistorical cave paintings.

Why are images so important? They are immediate. Even the colours chosen for the images directly conveys emotions without the need for an explanation. Many life experiences are so elusive that they leave us at a loss for words, but if left unexpressed, feelings build up and can affect our physical and mental wellbeing. As Macbeth pointed out, “the grief that does not speak knits up the over wrought heart and bids it break” (W. Shakespeare). Art is one of the mediums through which we can bypass our thinking brain and allow the free expression of emotions which we might otherwise find difficult to put into words. This is where each and every one of us can benefit from the marriage between art and therapy by taking this course.

1coupon-75%personal-development-coursesI can almost hear what you are thinking: “I’ve never been good at visual arts”, “I can’t paint”, “I couldn’t draw to save my life”. If you let these arguments win, you have missed the point of Art Therapy and will miss out on a great opportunity to learn more about yourself through your artistic expression. There are at least 4 benefits that you will gain from taking this course in Art Therapy:

  • You will partake in the creative process: createthe verb ‘to create’ or ‘to make’ comes from the Greek word poiesis and according to Wikipedia, “poïetic work reconciles thought with matter and time, and person with the world”. Creative expression enhances the reconciliation with oneself and one’s life experiences. The emphasis is on the act of creation thus reducing the pressure some might feel with respect to the quality of their artistic production. Embracing creativity for the sake of expression also helps individuals to feel less judgemental and more free.
  • You will be introduced to different techniques: this course covers a  number of artistic skills, such as drawing with pen and ink, still life drawing, contour drawing, pencil shading, using chalk and string, and face painting. You will also learn to work with different material such as paint, clay and fabrics just to mention a few because each stimulates the senses differently. The course also involves a number of creative writing tasks aimed at boosting your self-worth.
  • You will learn about yourself: most children like colouring and painting and because of that the interpretation of their drawings is a standard practice within the educational setting. This clearly indicates that even very basic forms of artistic expression have a story to tell. The simple fact that you are going to explore yourself through art will put you in touch with your feelings and will open up a new channel of communication. You will have the chance to tell your story through your art practice whilst experiencing the safety that each session provides as you will be in the capable hands of a very experienced Psychotherapist, Libby Seery.
  • You will find some respite from daily stress: setting time aside for your Art Therapy Course and the practice that ensues from it means that you will be able to relax and destress. This condition of calm is conducive to the expression of deep rooted issues that can then be acknowledged thus reducing their impact in one’s life. This will set in motion a healing process which will improve your wellbeing. Because of these benefits, art therapy can be used as a stress management technique.

The course can be accessed by all Healthynewage readers. Don’t miss out on this journey of self-discovery through art with expert Psychotherapist Libby Seery. This course is for everyone, no prior experience with art practice is required, so why not join now and start to benefit from increased self-knowledge and insight into your own feelings and emotions?