Are You Vaping? 6 Best Practices For Healthy Vaping

Vaping can be an alternative to smoking cigarettes, a hobby, or a way to quit smoking cigarettes that we know to cause cancer. However, there are still important health considerations when it comes to vaping, since there is still nicotine involved, kind of like nicotine gum.


Science is still not sure what to officially say about vaping and people who vape are unfortunately subjected to outlandish news stories about the new e-cigarette and vaping products. In general, it is said that vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, since some vape juice has no nicotine. But more long-term research is needed for a final decision.


According to a study published in BMJ (2013), “Our findings are consistent with the idea that substituting tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes may substantially reduce exposure to selected tobacco-specific toxicants. E-cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy among smokers unwilling to quit, warrants further study.”


To ensure you are making a healthy choice, we compiled a list of best practices for healthy vaping. Let’s dive in!


1. Making Smart Nicotine Choices


Vaping juice comes in a variety of flavors, as well as levels of nicotine. In order to vape in a healthy way, it is best practice to choose vape juice that is lower in nicotine, especially if you are using vaping as a way to quit smoking.


The thing is, you may be switching lower nicotine levels in cigarettes for higher nicotine via vapes. To ensure you get the healthiest experience, you should buy vape juice online from professionals that can guide you in selecting your nicotine levels to fit whatever the purpose you have for vaping.


2. Never Dry Vape


You may be wondering what “dry vaping” actually is. Dry vaping is when someone who vapes does not put enough vape juice in their e-cigarette, causing a dry hit. This dry vaping hit can be dangerous, causing a burning feeling in your throat.


The reason this happens is due to the heated coils that is supposed to heat up the vape juice in the chamber. If there is no juice, or not enough, you will be dry vaping and possibly irritating your throat causing a health issue.


3. Buying Cheap Vaping Setups


This is a very important best practice to follow in order to have a healthier vaping experience. To be honest, vaping setups can be expensive. However, investing in the more costly e-cigarettes is a healthier choice, since cheap vape brands often use cheap material.


This goes for the vape juice products and the actual equipment. By inhaling smoke from cheap non-branded setups can actually cause burning and put you at risk for inhaling melted plastic, metal, and other materials that make vaporizers.


4. Think About Your Vape Juice


Did you know that some vape juices are more harmful than others? The number of vape juice brands and flavors can be overwhelming, but to vape healthier, be sure to do your due diligence before buying a vape juice and inhaling it.


In fact, some juice flavors have actually been found to be toxic. This is because the chemicals used to manufacture the product are toxic. It just isn’t the actual vape juice itself. Know the two types of vape juice — propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerine. This will help you choose a healthier way to vape.


5. Keep Your Vaporizer Clean


Owning a vaporizer is a responsibility, and part of vaping healthier is keeping your equipment clean. The gunk can build up fast in your vape, and ensuring it is cleaned regularly can reduce the potential hazards that you inhale. The upside is that a clean vaporizer provides a much better smoke.


6. Don’t Vape Like A Chain Smoker


Another best practice for healthier vaping is to keep an eye on how much you are actually smoking. This can be very tricky, especially since the flavor of vape smoke and the taste is enticing.


However, the amount you vape could be leading to a lot of nicotine exposure, causing you to inhale more than ever before. This can be dangerous, since nicotine is considered to be an addictive substance. Think of it like chewing a whole pack of nicotine gum at once. Not fun!


In Conclusion . . .


Vaping may or may not be a healthy alternative to smoking actual cigarettes. Until more research is out, a decision cannot be made. However, the amount people are smoking is decreasing, which could be potentially associated to vaping. The main aim is to vape healthy and be responsible. How do you stay healthy and vape? We want to know

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