Topical Magnesium Chloride: Ancient Minerals Combat Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

Ancient Minerals goes to the Zechstein Seabed for the magnesium chloride in their innovative line of topical supplements.

This Northern European mineral improves health on many different levels.

Unlike most nutritional supplements, magnesium therapy takes place through the skin, not the digestive tract which can make an important difference.

With this assortment of natural Mag products you can choose from the company’s gel, oil, or bath flakes to experience the transdermal benefits of magnesium.

Learn the source of Ancient Minerals magnesium, why it is important to have a good calcium magnesium balance, and the best way to address symptoms of deficiency.

Why the Zechstein Seabed?

Zechstein Seabed Rich with Magnesium ChlorideThe deposits that lay below the surface of the earth in the Ancient Zechstein Seabed are the source of the Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride.

Over 250 million years ago this rich seabed formed and has remained untouched by environmental contamination.

The salts in the seabed are mined and processed to eliminate most impurities thus creating a natural magnesium rich anti-aging agent which also contains other important trace minerals. It is freed of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, and lead and is gluten-free, solvent free, and contaminant free.

The discovery of the Zechstein salt beds are important because pure magnesium is critical for the body to maintain healthy functioning.

Magnesium’s Role in the Human Body

Magnesium provides the catalyst for the optimal performance of over 300 enzymes in the human body. These various enzymes take care of a person from head to toe, playing a role in hormone production, immune function, psychological activity, muscular condition, and other essential processes.

Magnesium also plays a large part in converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to usable energy, which allows the body to remain active and healthy. And as a detoxifier, the mineral works to keep cells healthy by removing toxins and excess metals from the organs and tissues.

Additionally, magnesium regulates calcium levels. As calcium works to contract muscles, magnesium relaxes the muscles, creating a state of balance. When the body contains excess calcium, deposits build up on the artery walls. With sufficient magnesium, those deposits disappear, clearing the arteries for increased cardiovascular health.

Because magnesium works into so many bodily equations, people deficient in magnesium find themselves suffering from a number of debilitating conditions.

Muscle CrampsInadequate magnesium has been linked to hypertension, irritability, and feelings of weakness. Oftentimes, magnesium deficiency also leads to muscle cramps and spasms.

Also, low magnesium levels linked to inflammation, which research has found is a major contributor to major diseases.

High in Magnesium Foods

Though long touted “super foods” such as almonds, tofu, and spinach are known as magnesium rich foods, single servings generally do not provide the human body with the recommended amount. When taking into account the average American diet of meat, starches, and sugars, it is easy to see how today’s society suffers from magnesium deficiency. Even foods that naturally contain magnesium lose much of their content through cooking and processing.

Though people have tried oral supplementation in the past, magnesium often acts as a laxative. Because of this quality, the oral magnesium enters and exits the digestive tract very quickly. The body does not have time to absorb the mineral, and misses out on its benefits.

There is even a link between magnesium, calcium, and zinc’s role in losing weight.

Holistic Healing: Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Magnesium Chloride Rich LotionThe topical application of magnesium bypasses the digestive system all together. Instead, Ancient Minerals provides people with the opportunity to apply the magnesium directly to the largest organ in the human body; the skin.

As the magnesium travels through the skin, the body happily welcomes it, and puts the mineral to work immediately. The magnesium oil, magnesium gel, and magnesium bath flakes enter the integumentary system, and then travel to the nervous system, muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system, and more.

When people make holistic treatments of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy a routine component of their lives, they enable themselves to reap the benefits of the miracle mineral without altering their diets or lifestyles. Though seemingly unconventional in today’s pill happy society, the concept of therapy through the skin originated in traditional cultures long ago.

Today many people see mineral rich oils and baths as a luxury. Nevertheless, people pay top dollar for soaks in natural pools and spas, eager to revitalize their bodies and souls. However, Ancient Minerals’ products give people the tools to take control of their rejuvenation and health from the comfort of their own homes.

Using the Ancient Minerals Products

Each of the Ancient Minerals offerings consists almost exclusively of magnesium chloride. The magnesium gel stands alone as the exception. This gel contains thickening agents, which give it a rich texture. Added aloe vera soothes the skin. Though seemingly simple in composition, these naturalistic items offer significant results.

The gel works best as a spot treatment for localized aches and pains. Highly concentrated, it seeps into specific muscular groups before making its way into the rest of the body. Though perfectly safe to leave on the body all day, the gel has a tendency to leave a residue when it dries. If the residue presents itchy discomfort, users can easily rinse it off of their bodies. However, it is best to leave it on your person for at least 30 minutes to provide the body with ample time to absorb the magnesium.

Though misleadingly named, the magnesium oil actually contains no oil at all. Instead, the product consists only of highly concentrated sea water with an oily consistency. With its spray applicator, the formula works extremely well as a daily body spray. Either spray directly onto a problem area and massage into the skin, or use a few sprays all over as a full body rejuvenator. The oil has a thinner texture than the gel, and consequently leaves much less of a residue.

Magnesium FootbathThe bath flakes offer a great luxury to everyone, as well as an alternative for individuals with sensitivities to the other products. The flakes are less concentrated than the gel and oil, yet not lacking in effectiveness. People may soak the feet or entire body in a warm water magnesium bath for at least thirty minutes for the most significant results.

The Topical Magnesium Experience

Ancient Minerals Transdermal Magnesium Chloride ProductsAfter sampling the products, I have a greater understanding of the importance of magnesium. Not only did it instantly relieve my shoulder tension, but over the course of the week I noticed an overall increase in energy and vitality. Upon initial application, the skin feels slightly tingly, as the magnesium soaks into the body. The sensation is not uncomfortable, but rather unique. After a few days of regular use the tingling disappears, and the benefits of the magnesium become more noticeable.

I have noticed that one of the greatest strengths of the products lies in their versatility. The magnesium oil makes a great post-shower treatment first thing in the morning. The gel works very well to relax a tight muscle quickly and discreetly. And the bath flakes offer a therapeutic night time soak for both the mind and body after a long day.

Each form of magnesium feels healthy and natural, just as a product of the sea should feel. This element of purity quiets the mind as the product goes to work on the body. The unique methods of application bring an air of self-awareness to the magnesium therapy. People apply the magnesium chloride products with the intention to better themselves, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

Final Thoughts on Ancient Minerals

Those with kidney problems should avoid using supplemental magnesium without the permission of their doctor.

However these topical products lack any other contraindications. Be warned that chaffed skin and open wounds may experience uncomfortable burning sensations when coming into contact with the highly concentrated mineral.

Though magnesium chloride also cleans infection and enhances skin condition, it may cause discomfort as it fights bacteria and toxins. To prevent painful applications of the products on compromised skin, use them in a diluted form. Mix either the gel or oil with a body oil, lotion, or mineral water before application.

Genuine Zechstein Seal of ApprovalThanks to Ancient Minerals, just about anyone can meet their body’s magnesium requirements, regardless of lifestyle or diet. The Magnesium Gel, Magnesium Oil, and Magnesium Bath Flakes are user friendly and effective. They are worthwhile investments for anyone looking to better their health and obtain a greater level of well-being.

Only Ancient Minerals has the Genuine Zechstein seal!

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