A Look at Ancient Ayurveda & Daily Lifestyle Habits

Sleeping Woman

A lot of emphasis has been made in Ayurveda science on following the right lifestyle so as to stay clear of a number of ailments.

This seems true when we look around and see people suffering from maladies like high blood pressure, allergic disorders, diabetes, mental anxiety, hormonal imbalance, obesity, and more.

Unknowingly, we seem to limit ourselves into becoming habitual of so many unreasonable medications. Today, it seems all the more relevant to understand and follow the precise natural lifestyle.

Going back to nature and living naturally is definitely the need of the times.

Daily Lifestyle Habits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the ancient insight of living life naturally. Following the simple step-by-step guide of the Ayurveda daily lifestyle is easy and a sure way to gain and maintain natural wellness.

There are many simple to follow steps for this lifestyle:

  • Sleeping WomanWaking early: The right time when you need to be out of your bed is early morning between 4 to 6 am.
  • Relieving the bowels: Relieving the bowels has to be followed and this needs to be practiced with silence and patience. Hurried attitude that makes you to force expulsion of body wastes is considered to be harmful in the long run.
  • Cleaning of the face and mouth: Thorough cleansing of the mouth and face with fresh water enables freshness and combats inactivity and the previous night’s siesta.
  • Dental care: Ancient Ayurveda text counsels natural tree woody sticks, or dautun, for teeth and gum care. These natural herbs take care of oral health by providing wormicidal, blood-purifying, and healing benefits.
  • Eye care: You need to fill your mouth with fresh water and cleanse your protruding eyes with cool and fresh water. Ayurveda asserts this practice to be highly beneficial for restoring your natural vision.
  • Nasal cleansing: Ayurveda advises mild oiling of the nasal passage that protects from ear, nose, and throat diseases, and also from various allergies.
  • Mouthwash and gargles: It is recommended to mouthwash first with oil, and thereafter with warm water. This keeps away dryness of the lips and oral cavity, sore throat, and dental maladies. This is to be followed by gargles with an astringent herb decoction.
  • Application of perfumed pastes: Ayurveda advocates maintaining hygiene by using natural perfumed pastes from scented herbs like Chandan or sandalwood. This practice is believed to help enhance one’s natural glow and charisma.
  • Daily massage: A massage that is performed using vatta suppressing oils, like mustard oil or sesame seed oil, is a natural health-giving asset and keeps away a number of physical and mental ailments.
  • Daily exercise: Ayurveda conveys some basic rules for exercise that need to be incorporated into daily lifestyles. While arduous exercise has been advocated during winters and spring season, indulging in strenuous exercise during summers, the rainy season, and autumn has been rather discouraged.
  • Woman Running a BathScrubbing of the body: Thorough scrubbing of the body with coarse powder made from pungent and astringent herbs helps to make skin soft and supple and nourishes bodily muscles and tissues.
  • Daily bath: Ayurveda everyday lifestyle guides you to inculcate the habit of a bath every single day. While bathing, you may use warm water for below the waistline, but never wash your head with warm or hot water, as this could be rather appalling for your eyes and hair.
  • Diet specifications: Ayurveda strongly relates the diet to your mind and body. This means when diet is taken in its purest form, this further purifies the satwa property of the mind, and in turn creates positivity and clarity of the mind. Having your daily meal should be accomplished with endurance, delight, and gratitude. Nourishing, warm, and compatible diet plans need to be followed.

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Dr. Sonica Krishan is an Ayurveda and Natural Lifestyle Consultant, freelance health writer, and book author based in Chandigarh, India. She has authored the natural home cure books Herbal Healers and Home Remedies, and is presently writing for national and international publications. She may be contacted at drsonica@herboveda.co.in or visit www.herboveda.co.in