Amaya Clinic’s Kisspeptin Based Therapy Is Helping People Fall In Love Again

Amaya Clinic is a wellness clinic in Katy, Houston, Texas, that has come up with a new offering:  Kisspeptin therapy.   

What’s unique about Kisspeptin is its influence on the HPGA. This modulates the core of all the body systems essential to regulating life. From the physiology of passion, love, and attraction to the impact on normal stages of growth and development.

Scientists have extensively researched Kisspeptin for its potential to manage human health issues. The scientific data has shown Kisspeptin’s impact on energy homeostasis, liver health, metabolism, calorie regulation, bone activity, mood, and memory, brain activity, immunity, and more..

Kisspeptin is being increasingly used by the medical community worldwide. It has shown efficacy in managing stress, anxiety, inflammation, prevention of certain cancers, PMS, premenopause, perimenopause, menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, PCOS, osteoporosis, celiac disease, chronic metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, etc. 

Amaya Clinic Katy, also offers Neurotransmitter Balancing, IV Therapy for Skin Glow, Immune System Boosting, and Cellular Regeneration.

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