Alternative health in the news again

We have recently discussed the phenomena of how many Americans are turning to alternative health in order to reduce excessive health insurance and some were able to reduce their monthly costs by up to 40% as a result of more healthy choices. There has been so much discussion about “alternative healthcare” – that it’s real meaning has become somewhat diffused. To be clear, the original definition of alternative health, is non western medicine, which does not rely on surgical procedures or pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, it relies on other philosophies of preventative healthcare, whereby an individual would live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent various health problems from arising.


What made this more complex and led to confusion was the fact that in the US Obamacare was largely considered a failure, and many Americans had to move on to private healthcare, whereas in the UK, due to tax oppression that is combined with austerity, we have witnessed an overload of government hospitals and clinics, which is further complicated by the ageing demographic, where people become older and live longer. In both instances, the move towards private medical treatment plans, attracted the term “alternative health coverage”. To be clear – this is not connected to preventative alternative health in any way, as it still relies on antibiotic prescriptions and surgical procedures as a first choice, rather than other philosophies.

Here is the latest news:

Now we have learned that in Memphis, the cost of family coverage is going up for pensioners if they still pay for their children’s healthcare. This is not the first state where US citizens have reported this trend in healthcare costs, as New York and Florida is also facing similar issues.

Tapas Acupressure Technique, or TAT is a technique that is now practiced. Currently practitioners are claiming copyright to the name of the technique. Although this is similar to attaching copyrighted terms to things such as the wheel or CPR, both widely used terms, given the early adoption stage, it is understandable that concepts such as “TAT” acupressure are considered fairly unique.