Natural Cure for Allergies and Asthma in Children and Adults

Natural Holistic Health Solutions for Allergies: Asthma Signs
and Symptoms

Allergic reactions occurring in the nose and sinus are called sinus allergies, hay fever or allergic rhinitis.

Allergic reactions in the chest are called asthma.

The terms for allergic reactions in the skin are hives or angioedema.

Hay Fever, Allergies, and Asthma Signs and Symptoms

There are distinctions between conditions of hay fever, asthma, and allergies. When a person is suffering from chronic
hay fever, their symptoms begin with a runny nose that itches, and their palate often itches as well. They sneeze,
have nasal congestion, and feel pretty miserable. Most symptoms exist in the head region including watery eyes.
When visiting a docotr their diagnosis will label these characteristics as allergic rhinitis.

During the spring and fall, as many as twenty-two million Americans suffer from hay fever and many visit their doctor
with their itchy red throat and watery eyes seeking a diagnosis and relief.

When it comes to allergies, which is inclusive of hay fever or allergic rhinitis, most symptoms are in the head,
sinus and nose but when an allergy moves into the chest, then the associated name is asthma.

Allergic reactions can also take other forms, such as hives, rashes, or angioedema. Depending on where the symptoms
appear and how your body reacts determines how you will be diagnosed by your health care provider.

Allergy conditions are not rare to the American public. One in every six have some type of allergy. Some people
are more prone to them than others, and many allergies are triggered by pollen from trees, weeds, and grasses during
the springtime when winds carry the pollen through the air. Ragweed pollen travels very far, in fact pollen from
this plant has been found as far out as four hundred miles at sea!

Children are also quite susceptible, especially when their immune systems are dealing with many types of elements
in their environments. Almost forty-percent of the children in the US miss some school each year due
to allergies.

Those who suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis know that symptoms can often be quite serious when the lungs
are involved. Also, when complications lead to nasal polyps, or sinus cavity infections. Sometimes the result
are secondary infections which can happen in the ears, larynx, and the bronchial tubes.

Because parents watch there kids closely and care for them they can often accurately diagnose their children even
before the doctor may do so. But is is always wise to take your child to an allergy or immunology knowledgeable
doctor to ensure a proper treatment plan is adopted.

An allergy and asthma health specialist knows how best to analyze the symptoms and determine what types of environmental
exposure and elements may be the suspected irritants. Some might be:

  1. Mold and Mildew
  2. Pollens
  3. Dust Mites
  4. Pet Dander from
  5. Household Chemicals
  6. Diet Overload from Sugars, Corn Products, and Wheat

Sometimes the health provider will take blood tests, do x-rays, and even evaluations of the home, or most frequent
environments where the patient is exposed to surrounding elements.

Asthma is much more of a complex disease than simple allergies, or hay fever. It can lead to the constriction of
human airways by the muscles than line the passages. In severe cases this can lead to life-threatening reactions
if the symptoms are not properly addressed through careful diagnosis and proper treatment. So early diagnosis is

So it is always best to be careful not to pollute your home and workplace with known allergens should you suspect
they are irritants. Keep house dust at a minimum, don’t smoke tobacco indoors, minimize using chemical cleaners,
and personal care products that may have questionable ingredients. Watch the effects of pet dander. Change bedding
often to lessen dust mite exposure.

Spritzing carpet, bedding and general living quarters with a blend of Teatree
and Citronella
can keep down dust mites.

Another allergy causing problem is often the skin care products we use, so it is wise to learn about healthy alternatives
that are free of chemicals and suspected toxic ingredients known to aggravate allergies. You might want to learn about a
Natural Skin Cleansing Product, Free of Chemicals

Spiritually speaking, asthma may be about constriction in freedom. Feeling closed in, not supported, closed off,
unable to fully express. These are a few areas a person could explore when seeking the spiritual message within
asthma. Children who develop asthma may have parents who smother and over-protect them, not allowing
full expression and normal risk-taking during childhood.

As a parent, this balance may be important to explore if your child has developed asthma. Also, when a child is
extraordinarily empathic, asthma may develop when one or more of the parents is emotionally repressed during the
child’s formative years.

Hay Fever, Allergy, and Asthma Information – Natural Products Effective at Stopping Allergies

Prescriptions for over-the-counter allergy remedies are big business. One in five people suffer from some type of
allergy symptom and Americans turn to their local drug store and spend as much as five million a year trying to
relieve seeking relief. However, there are also other options.

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