Personal Development Books by Alan Cohen and a Review of Relax into Wealth

Inspirational and Wealth Building Books by Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is an inspirational and motivational guru and is counted amongst the top-ranking thinkers and writers.

He has written more than a dozen best-selling inspirational and personal development books and is one of the
most sought after by corporate organizations that want to make their employees understand the importance
of wealth building.

He conducts seminars and provides one-to-one consultations to anybody who needs to benefit from his teachings.
He has written many inspirational articles, which have been featured in magazines such as New Woman, Science
of Mind, American Magazine, New Realities, First for Women, First for Women and many others. His popularity
can be gauged from the fact that he makes regular appearances on national radio and television including
FOX, CNBC, and Good Morning shows around the nation.

Alan Cohen’s teachings are very inspirational and motivational because they contain the right amount of wisdom,
intimacy and humor, all of which make it easier for people to relate to the teachings and implement them
in their personal and professional lives. Most of the people who have read his books or have attended his
seminars vouch for the fact that his teachings had a great impact on their lives and that his teachings motivated
them to carry on even in the face of stiff opposition or seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Just by implementing
his teachings in their daily lives, many people have made rapid progress in their professional careers and
are now much more comfortable with their existing formal and informal relationships.

You may have read many self-improvement books and feel like you have a pretty good handle on life, however
reading Alan Cohen’s books will really help you make a difference. His books help people realize how easy
it actually is to improve their life prospects even if they have yet to achieve many of their goals and objectives
in life.

Alan’s newly released book is getting a lot of attention, and you may enjoy reading a book review.

Relax into Wealth: How to Get More by Doing Less

“Relax Into Wealth: How to Get More by Doing Less,” is the latest in the series of self-development
books that was launched by Alan Cohen most recently. The book is written in a lucid manner and the underlying
principles related to wealth management and its various aspects are nicely described with the help of interesting
stories about individuals who exemplify the principles. The book is quite effective because practical exercises
are provided at the end of each chapter, which help you to revise principles and ideas presented in that

The book’s content is based on the concept of ‘manifestation’, which lays stress on the fact that learning
takes time to manifest in real life and can be increased only through regular practice. Many other personal
development books may be based on the same concept, but even then Alan Cohen’s book is quite different because
the content is far less abstract and suggests a clear and comprehensive path for readers to follow.

You can use the book for quick reference and use it as a motivational tool for everyday use. The book is not
just another guide to increase wealth but is a lot more as it focuses on improving your overall disposition
towards wealth and your attitude that plays a vital role when it comes to creating and managing wealth.

So if you want to get more out of life, then check out ‘Relax Into Wealth: How to Get More by Doing Less’
by Alan Cohen is available at

More Works by Alan Cohen

  1. I Had It All the Time: When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy
  2. A Deep Breath of Life: Daily Inspiration for Heart-Centered Living
  3. Handle With Prayer: Harnessing the Power to Make Your Dreams Come Through
  4. Are You As Happy As Your Dog?
  5. My Father’s Voice
  6. Peace That You Seek
  7. Rising In Love: Opening Your Heart In All Your Relationships
  8. Healing of The Planet Earth: Personal Power and Planetary Transformation
  9. Joy Is My Compass: Taking the Risk to Follow Your Bliss
  10. Setting The Seen: Creative Visualization for Healing
  11. Dare to Be Yourself: How to Quit Being An Extra In Other Peoples Movies
  12. Why Your Life Sucks – And What You Can Do About It

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