After Your Laser Vision Surgery: Discovering the Best Benefits Beyond Seeing Better

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, you’ll already be aware of one of its biggest benefits – you’ll be able to see more clearly. However, there are a number of beneficial add-ons you might not have thought about.

We explore some of the lesser-known benefits of laser eye surgery below:

You’ll Save Money on Glasses and Contact Lenses

In the long run, you’ll save a lot of money on visual aids once you’ve had laser eye surgery. This is often an unexpected surprise after someone’s had surgery, but when you consider the cost of glasses and contact lenses, these savings can soon add up!

Granted, laser eye surgery does have a much bigger up-front cost than a month’s supply of contact lenses or a brand-new pair of glasses (you can find out more at but for many, these ongoing costs will be eliminated altogether. Therefore, over time, you’ll be making sure your laser eye surgery was a savvy financial investment.

You’ll Feel More Confident

A lot of patients will get a great confidence boost after surgery, and this can be for a number of reasons. For example, you may have felt incredibly self-conscious about your glasses, and when you no longer have to wear them you may discover your confidence has returned.

Equally, after surgery, you’ll notice how confident you are with your day-to-day tasks. For example, if the kids wake up in the night, you know you’ll be able to jump out of bed and go straight to them, without having to scramble around to find your glasses or contacts first.

You’ll Become More Athletic

If you enjoy getting active, wearing glasses when you’re playing sports, running or participating in other physical activities can be very frustrating. You can be limited by the thought of fogging your glasses up or even breaking them. After laser eye surgery, you may find sports are more accessible and enjoyable. And you may even discover you can get involved with more demanding physical activities, like running, swimming and hiking.

Furthermore, because you’re no longer reliant on your glasses, you can be more spontaneous with your activities. When a friend calls up and invites you over for the weekend, you no longer have to worry about packing that extra pair of glasses or finding your contact lens solution. Instead, you can just hop straight in the car!

You May Reduce Your Allergies

Bad allergies can be heightened by contact lenses, which can cause you a number of different problems. When you’re putting your contact lenses in or taking them out, if you’ve got pollen on your hands, this can come directly into contact with your eye. However, after laser eye surgery, you’ll no longer need to touch contact lenses or your eyes, which dramatically reduces this risk. After vision correction, a lot of patients find their allergies and their irritating symptoms are reduced, which enables them to live the life they want.

Laser eye surgery provides you with a number of benefits, and not just being able to see more clearly. From getting involved with more interactive sports to being more spontaneous, the freedom corrective surgery provides you with is priceless.