Adult or Repair Stem Cells: The Future of Healing

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When it comes to anti-aging secrets it is always wise to follow those who have contacts in the industry and financial resources to sort through all the noise.

It’s also wise to ask questions of everyday people who have, or have had a dire need to find anti-aging solutions to improve significant health challenges.

Motivated and resourceful individuals are able to weed through the world’s science based research studies and medical reports. They are first to gleam the facts from scientists and doctors who are making major advancements in anti-aging protocols that show promise to help heal or even cure the diseases that are ailing many of our population.

Suzanne Somers Anti-Aging Spokesperson

Suzanne Sommers PictureOne spokesperson for breakthroughs in anti-aging is actress Suzanne Somers who is a advocate for anti-aging medicine, bio-identical hormones, and doctors who are curing cancer. Luckily for many, Suzanne’s earlier health misfortunes put her on a path to seek out alternative approaches to health and wellness that are driven by their positive results.

Suzanne understands the future of stem cells in anti-aging and how they can be used to help a person’s body naturally fight disease. In her 2010 tour she talked about banking our own adult or repair stem cells using a company she supports, NeoStem, so in the future people may have the option of using their own healthy adult stem cells when we may need them.  She calls it “bio-insurance” against future health problems.

Another company that Suzanne recognizes and promotes is called LifeWave.  LifeWave is a new technology that uses patches containing nano particles for improving health and providing dynamic anti-aging effects.

Don Margolis Repair Stem Cell Advocate

Don MargolisAnother leader in this field and an adult stem cell advocate is Don Margolis, who came across the miraculous advancements and benefits of stem cell use after his wife died of cancer. Don is very passionate about this topic and wants to help as many people as he can become aware of advancements in repair, or adult, stem cell procedures around the world.

We had a delightful conversation with Don, who has first-hand knowledge of how doctors around the planet are helping people who have or are suffering from over 100 diseases and and various injuries find relief and improvement for their conditions.

Don Margolis is the chairman and founder of the Repair Stem Cell Institute . We are grateful to him for consenting to this very special interview so you too can rekindle hope in the power of healing.

Interview with Don Margolis

Sandy Breckenridge: Greetings Don. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to conduct this interview. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to chat with you.

Lets start by learning more about the website, its purpose, and what drew you to this industry.

So first, what enticed you to make a leap from your other business endeavors to become “The Voice of Stem Cell Science?”

Don  Margolis: My wife died in 2002. Later that year, a series of five improbable “coincidences” had me in the office of the world’s pioneer stem cell doctor—and still number one—Professor Shimon Slavin at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. I was 68 at the time, and that was the first I can remember hearing the term “stem cells.”

With his help and encouragement, I started the world’s first stem cell treatment company, one that delivers benefits now, not in 2020. It is called TheraVitae, and it produces the finest stem cells for cardio patients. Five hundred heart patients were smart enough to try, and lucky enough to be able to afford the implant. Seventy percent—or 350 people—got better according to several peer-reviewed published papers.

Repair Stem Cell Institute

Sandy: I understand in 2008 you launched Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI). Can you describe the organization’s mission statement?

Don: To help patients suffering from a chronic disease which their home doctors are powerless to cure. The American medical system forbids cures, because cures kill profits. Stem cells improve the lives of the patients with ten times more safety than your average prescription drug. So the bosses in Pharma bar stem cells by using bribed scientists and fully-controlled regulators, NOT by using science. No one who is part of the system can help suffering, soon-to-be-dead patients without being whacked out by the medical mafia. So we try to fill a bit of that gap and guide patients to the honest and competent stem cell centers.

Top 10 Stem Cell Treatment Centers

Stem Cell Treatment CentersSandy: Don, I watched the ten short video lessons on repair stem cells on the RSCI website and found the lessons were very informative. May I ask, how did you determine the criteria for the top 7 stem cell treatment centers in the world and the basis for their legendary accomplishments?

Don: Experience. [For example], how many patients treated, science and research published by that team, pure manufacturing of the stem cells, and their doctors’ reputations, which is easy to determine in medicine. The exact qualification criteria are on our website: Repair Stem Cell Institute .

Sandy: Do you regularly visit each of the research centers? And what part do you play in helping people find the right location to match their health issues?

Don: I have visited nine of the ten centers, two or three times. What we do is educate the patients and their families so they can make their own decisions. Few people understand that there are serious differences in protocols even for the same disease, in different centers. There are always pros and cons to consider. We help them measure pros and cons using their own needs and wants.

Media’s Coverage of Stem Cells

Sandy: I recently watched a 60 Minutes TV show on stem cells. By the time the program segment was over the case was made that stem cells were not as promising as researchers once hoped they would be.

Also, I caught a recent news report altering the public to have caution when visiting websites offering stem cell “miracles.” I know this is a big subject, but can you provide some insight on this big topic? Even point us to additional resources, if you like, so we may be better educated on this topic. The last thing we would want to do is give someone false hope or tell them a product will help them, when it could actually harm them.

Don: Going back to your second question, everything you read about stem cells in the major newspaper of every major city in North America and in most national magazines, on CBS News and in major medical journals is a lie. Period. It is comparable to the “Big Lie” perfected by Nazi Germany in the 1930s. “Make the lie big enough, control the media, and eventually most will believe it.” Today, the vast majority believe that embryonic science fiction will cure everything. The truth is this approach will cure nothing, at least not in the next 50 years.

Most media and reporting resources do not care in the slightest how they are cheating their readers and viewers out of a better life. They care only about protecting profits. Add to that billions of dollars of advertising by Pharma, the most corrupt industry the world has ever seen and you get the lie as told on 60 Minutes:  “Look, here is a crooked doctor who is taking advantage of desperate patients. We know you will fall for our nonsense: This guy is a crook so the real stem cell doctors must be crooks too.” And, sadly, they do fall for it. Mission accomplished. “My doctor says stem cells cannot help me.” And they go back to what made them so sick in the first place, no-cures-allowed, drugs-only-medicine.

Difference Between Embryonic and Repair Stem Cells.

Sandy: So, the bad press should be directed at embryonic cells and not repair stem cells or adult stem cells.

Don: That question assumes an honest, free press, something that hasn’t existed since 1885 when Mark Twain revealed what he knew about the New York Times.  The whole hoax is predicated upon two huge lies:

  1. Embryonic stem cells will be able to be safely implanted in humans in this century. It is nothing more than science-fiction, hyped and over-hyped by every member of the medical mafia who wants to “get ahead.” For the details in plain language, read my article: Don’s Corner: A Grim Fairytale
  2. Adult stem cells are snake oil.  You cannot publish an article in the USA without kow-towing to the embryonic hoax. You cannot put the word “adult” in front of the words “stem cells” in an article showing one of the many thousands of adult stem cell successes. Simply stated, your government and your press are 100% controlled by big business

With all that said, I also need to add some reporting resources regarding sharing news of the advancements being made and the a positive news stories. Here is a summary article of some of the reports in 2010 > Adult Stem Cell Progress in 2010

Safety & Expense of Repair Stem Cell Procedures

Sandy: Are the adult, or repair, stem cell procedures expensive? How safe are they?

Don: Yes and very.  Normally, $15,000 to $30,0000 plus travel costs. Safer than the simplest medical operations. MUCH safer than a mammogram, for example.

Leaders in Research & Proven Facilities

China Leader in Stem Cell ProceduresSandy: Can you give an example of some of the countries that are investing in adult stem cell research and have proven procedures and facilities?

Don: They are two far different questions in one. In research AND proven procedures, China is by far the leader. USA spends a lot on research, mostly private money. But they are dreaming if they think pharma will allow adult stem cells to be approved for major chronic diseases, where most of pharma’s profits are found.

Sandy: Do you think the US will ever expand into stem cell procedures to help the US population?

Don: Not in the lifetime of any of today’s chronically ill patients.

Adult Stem Cell Treatable Diseases

Sandy: The Repair Stem Cell Institute website lists over 100 professed non-treatable diseases that stem cell treatments have proven to help reduce the symptoms of the diseases. Would you say this website is an online hub to help people find treatment options? And what benefit does the RSCI gain for this service?

Don: RSCI is the only resource in the world actually doing it. RSCI gains nothing, but if the economy ever improved we hope to come close to breaking even.

Sandy: The RSCI website is a fantastic service. I can’t hank you enough for the work you are doing to help people get to the the truth. We need more health advocates like you in this world removing the veil of misinformation.

Don: You are welcome.

Using Stem Cells for Anti Aging

Sandy: We have discussed how repair stem cells might help people with major illnesses, diseases and even severe physical injuries. What about anti-aging, improving brain function, or health prevention? Are you aware of repair stem cell research or stem cell procedures in these areas?

Don: Yes, and the use of repair stem cell anti-aging procedures will spread more quickly since pharma doesn’t particularly care about the miniscule profits it makes on rejuvenation and prevention. Face lifts and breast firming using lipo-tummy fat with embedded stem cells is a huge success. The good cosmetic MDs in Thailand can’t keep up with the demand.

Finding the Research & Legitimate Treatments

Sandy: How would a person go about learning more about their options?

Don: On our website, click on “Treatments,” fill out the form and submit it online.

Sandy: Where would you direct people online to stay up on the latest news and research on repair stem cells?

Don: Google will be happy to send anyone daily alerts. Make the subject “Adult stem cells.”

Sandy: Wonderful! You also have other websites. I am sure our readers would appreciate a brief overview.

Don: For seriously ill heart patients have them visit, and my personal website is where I share hundreds of individual victories sorted by disease. And also, we have dozens of links that point to helpful resources at RepairStemCell Resouces

Sandy: Thanks so much Don for everything you are doing to help people become healthier by pointing them to the benefits of adult stem cells. The resources you have compiled for those interested to find credible medical facilities around the world is pretty impressive. So many locations around the world are at this moment helping people with their ailments.

In closing, I’d like to say to you, as the saying goes, may you live long and prosper!

Adult stem cells are successfully treating more than 70 to 150 diseases and conditions, while embryonic stem-cell research has produced zero results. Proof? There have been over 1300 ASC clinical trials registered (from around the world) by the USA National Institutes of Health. The USA itself has over 50 on heart disease alone.

To request information for a specific ailment, visit > Stem Cell Treatment Information Request

Don Margolis Stem Cells 101 Series

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Stem Cell 101 Series

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