Prescription Medication Treatment for ADHD and ADD, The Risks and Side Effects

Holistic Health Solutions for Prescription Medication Treatment
for ADHD and ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder. Are ADD meds the answer? Do effective holistic health remedies for
ADD exist?

What are the risks with prescription meds for ADD and ADHD? Read the following ADD articles to help you discern
whether to medicate or not to medicate.

This is a dilemma faced by every parent whose child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Since that diagnosis normally comes from a medical doctor, you may not even know there are other ways
to approach this disorder other than ADD prescription meds.

Spark Natural Remedy for Children with ADD

Prescription Medication Treatment for ADHD and ADD

Prescription medication treatment for ADHD and ADD has always been a debatable issue, as parents are often
unaware of the other available treatments. More often than not, doctors suggest a pychostimulant to the patient
suffering from the disorders. But, it is worth noting the side effects of the treatment and the benefits,
before following any suggestion.

Besides allopathic, there are several natural remedies for ADD and ASDHD.
Natural remedies are considered to be the first psychiatric drugs. Time and again, the herbal and homeopathy
medicines have proved to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
or ADHD. Many people debate on the prescription of excessive doses of Ritalin and other similar stimulant
drugs to combat ADD and ADHD.

The disorder could be a consequence of anxiety, allergies, seizures or problems
related to interaction in school or the immediate society. The medication should be administered, after identifying
the exact cause of the hyper activeness, loss of attention or impulsiveness. Therefore, natural remedies
are considered to be the most preferable choice.

So many doctors seem insensitive to the side effects while treating patients with stimulant drugs like Concerta,
methylphenidate-Ritalin and amphetamine-Dexedrine and Adderall. In the absence of research to reveal the
exact rate of psychotic symptoms, the dangers of prescribing these medicines have increased tremendously.
The regular treatment with these drugs can cause psychoses, including schizophrenic-like disorders. Besides,
the treatment can also lead to hallucinations and paranoia. The rate of psychotic symptoms that appear during
stimulant treatment has been recently detected via a five-year retrospective study of children suffering
from the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

Common symptoms of ADD and ADHD are hypertension, loss of attentiveness and frequent irritation. These symptoms
often develop because of conflicts at school or home. Instead of treating them with family counseling or
an individualized educational approach, many parents tend to take their children to authorized psychiatrists
and pediatricians. So very often authorized medical practitioners prescribe heavy doses of
drugs. The children develop depression, delusion, hallucination, paranoia and several other drug-induced
reactions while taking these stimulants. The physicians often conclude that the child is suffering from ‘clinical
depression’, ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘bipolar disorder’. In addition, they add to the existent drugs on the prescription.
Finally, the child ends up taking multiple adult psychiatric drugs that eventually cause severe adverse effects
like psychoses and tardive dyskinesia.

According to a survey, around ninety eight among one hundred and ninety-two children were diagnosed with psychotic
symptoms, when put on stimulant drugs, mostly methylphenidate. Around nine percent of children are estimated
to be suffering from psychotic symptoms because of being treated with methylphenidate. In many cases, it
is observed that the extreme psychotic symptoms tend to cease with the termination of the medication.

The apparent solutions to the widespread risk of living with ADHD and ADD and the side effects of taking adult
psychiatric drugs is to treat the child with the natural remedies available and counseling therapy first,
and only after giving natural rememdies for ADHD and ADD a try should prescription meds be considered.

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Natural Alternatives to ADD Prescription Meds

A company named Native Remedies offers effective, safe alternatives to putting your children on drugs such
as Ritalin and the others mentioned above in Dr. Breggin’s report.

Of course, if your child is already being treated with psychostimulants, you will need to consult with your
doctor before making changes to their treatment regimen.

Be sure and visit the following links and read rave reviews on natural remedies for treating ADD and ADHD.
One shares how a second grade student had great difficulties in sitting still at school, concentrating on
tasks, and controlling his impulses. When given Focus and Bright Spark supplementation upon Doctor approval,
it made a vast difference in her son’s behavior. So much so, the teacher noticed the shift in his behavior
and ability to learn.

This one example echoes what many parents have experienced. Even though it may take up to six weeks for natural
remedies to take effect, the benefit of using a natural remedy for ADD and ADHD means your child will not
be left to the dangerous side effects of taking prescription
ADHD/ADD drugs.

Find Natural Remedies for ADHD and ADD

  • Focus ADHD for Children and Adults with ADHD
  • Testimonials on Focus ADHD
  • Bright Spark for Child ADD and ADHD

Adults Have ADD Too: Focus ADDult Herbal Formulas

So much attention is given children with ADD and ADHD, and rightfully so, that it is often a surprise for
adults to be told they have attention deficit disorder.

I’m sure you’ve seen that one commercial where the woman is sitting in the board room meeting and her mind
is going everywhere in the world while she sits there, like a tv switching channels every two seconds. Then,
her boss asks her what she thinks…her expression is that of a person kept blindfolded in a dark room for
days and then suddenly released and asked what day it is.

You don’t even have to have ADD to know that is a horrible feeling. If you suspect you might have ADD, or
if you’ve been diagnosed with it, please review the featured resource, specific to Adult ADHD.

Herbal Remedy for Adults and Teens

Focus ADDult – Herbal ADD Formula for Teens and Adults This is a herbal complex formula
that is known to be highly effective in treating symptoms of ADD.

Powerful Safe and Effective Proven Ingredients

Three powerful herbs have been formulated together in a concentrated medicinal extract. The basis
of three naturopathic medicines from Chinese, Ayurvedic (Indian) and Western practice work synergistically.

Centella Asiatica

This herb is the core ingredient which acts to promote mental clarity by enhancing brain and memory
function. This herb is also helpful in the alleviation of anxiety. It is so highly respected as a medicinal
herb in Ayurvedic medicine for bringing clarity to the mind that it is even said to facilitate a higher awareness
of the knowledge of Brahman – the
supreme reality. Other studies suggest Centella asiatica helps to improve cerebral blood flow
(CBF) and stimulates circulation. This combination helps to enrich the blood with more oxygen which penetrates
deep into the brain.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary)

Rosemary is also known to stimulate brain function. It is a recognized tonic and
energizer, and like Centella asiatica Rosemary helps to promote CBF. It also helps with memory functioning
because it contains acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitors. These are chemicals that
keep the acetylcholine in the brain from breaking down which has been recognized as a link to Alzheimer’s

Panax Ginseng

This is a well-known Chinese medicine that has a history of use for over five thousand years for reducing
stress, increasing energy and motivation, and helping to build the immune system while decreasing fatigue.
There have been major studies on Panax ginseng by Soviet Scientist, Dr. Brekham, and also further studies
in Japan. These studies found Panax Ginseng to be a superior adaptogen which helped to normalize body functions.
It also helped reduce stress, prevent disease, and stimulate better mental performance.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.