Exercise and Earn $200 of Rewards by Wearing the S2H Relay

There are many reasons why people stay active: to have fun, to achieve and maintain optimal health, and to stay physically and mentally fit are among the most popular.

But with the added incentive of rewards in the form of discounts, product offers, and goods and services, the idea of staying active is taken to a whole new level.

Activity tracker S2H Relay is designed specifically to motivate people to participate in regular physical exercise.

S2H Replay: Get Fit & Stay Motivated

Be Active Get RewardsThe innovative health and wellness initiative developed by S2H (Switch 2 Health) aims to give people even more reason to stay active. Apart from the physical and mental benefits of regular activity, S2H has developed a system that rewards active people. The offer of a tangible prize for participation in physical activity serves as a great motivator for those who may need an extra push.

Worn on the wrist, activity tracker S2H Replay resembles a sports watch, and is available in several different colors to suit everybody’s personal preference. The tracker is durable and can withstand being subjected to most activities the user participates in, including running, dancing, basketball, soccer, tennis, jogging, and more.

The S2H Replay is not water resistant, therefore cannot be worn during swimming or other water related activities. It is not compatible as a pedometer for those who like walking.

How the Health & Wellness Initiative Works

After each hour of activity—which is tracked in three minute increments—the S2H Replay displays a reward code that the user then enters into his or her online account. The reward code is translated into points, and the user accrues these points in order to redeem for the many rewards offered by local and national retailers. These rewards include discounts, product offers, and goods and services.

Participating retailers—including Barnes and Noble, Sony, Dick’s Sporting Good, Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Target—are given the opportunity to promote to customers the benefits of health and wellness by offering rewards for this initiative. The S2H initiative also grants these retailers the opportunity to expand their customer base.

In addition to the reward incentives, users can compete with other S2H Relay users to see who can earn the most points. This fun, non-competitive bonus to the S2H initiative serves as a motivator, too, and allows users access to an online community of similar minds.

Earning Success by Promoting Health

wear it, be active, get rewards at S2H.COMEvery day people struggle with staying motivated and staying on track with their healthy, active lifestyles. S2H Replay works to remind people that physical activity is fulfilling, physically, mentally, and now with reward prizes.

By creating an online community of health-orientated people who enjoy having fun, S2H has established a successful health and wellness initiative that encourages users to experience the benefits of regular physical activity.

It’s exciting to participate and track your fitness activity. The points can add up quickly.