Three Doctors Team Up to Offer Action Plan for a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It does not distinguish between man or woman, young or old.

There are several factors that influence the health of one’s heart. Studies have shown that holistic approaches, such as meditation or guided imagery, have positive effects on not only an individual’s overall well-being, but quality of cardiac health.

The Healthy Heart Kit (Sounds True) is an audio program offering listeners natural strategies on improving their heart’s health and strategies on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cardiovascular Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 25 seconds an American has a coronary attack, and every minute one American will die as a result. Both men and women are at risk for poor heart health—in fact, women make up almost 50% of deaths from heart disease.

Healthy Red HeartSeveral factors have an impact on the state of the heart, including levels of physical activity, lifestyle choices, diet, and underlying diseases or conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. In addition to regular exercise, abstaining from tobacco products and excessive alcohol intake, decreasing stress levels, and eating a healthy diet, various alternative therapies have been proven to be effective in improving cardiac health.

Heart Tips from Medical Experts

For people wanting to optimize the health of their heart using holistic approaches, The Healthy Heart Kit provides a proven action plan that can easily be incorporated into anyone’s wellness strategy. Led by Dr. Andrew Weil, a leader in integrative medicine and author of several bestselling mind-body wellness books, this program brings together the advice and knowledge of several medical experts to provide a comprehensive cardiac wellness plan.

Listeners will learn about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet from Dr. Weil, including how to incorporate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables into daily eating, choosing healthy carbohydrates, and the positive effects of increasing one’s omega-3 fatty acid intake.

Dr. Stephen Devries leads discussions on natural heart care, offering information of improving the health of one’s heart with a holistic strategy. The nervous system is also discussed by medical psychologist Dr. Erin Olivio. Listeners will benefit from her knowledge on various exercises stimulating the nervous system to reduce stress, a major influence on heart health.

In addition to these informative discussions, holistic physician and cofounder of the Academy for Guided Imagery, Dr. Rossman, provides a 20 minute session on improving heart health using guided imagery techniques. Guided imagery has been medically proven as an effective therapy for a variety of health conditions.

Develop Healthy Habits Now

Program for The Healthy HeartOverall health can help contribute to one’s overall quality of life. A healthy heart will not only lead to a general feeling of positive well-being, but will help ward off cardiac diseases, lower risks of stroke, decrease blood pressure, and even help maintain low levels of stress.

The Heart Healthy Kit is a resource designed to help individuals with the focus and building blocks needed to develop new habits to improve and maintain cardiac health. Participants of the program will benefit further with the addition of a workbook and a variety of health cards sharing tips for positive lifestyle habits.