Subliminal Programs for Engaging Your Inner Genius for Positive Change and Healing

Can Subliminals and Hypnosis Tapes Enhance Wellness?

Your mind is an incredibly powerful health instrument.

Knowledge is the power which can lead you to better health.

How can you learn to better apply their untapped mental powers in order to promote greater health?

By engaging your inner genius, the subconscious mind. Three ways to do this include the use of hypnosis tapes,
subliminal recordings and the unique technology of paraliminals.

There are no pills, no injections, no rigorous study nor other demands made upon you by this gentle yet powerful
teaching program. The cassette tapes and a tape player are all you will ever need. These wellness tools simply
permit you to use the power of you mental capacity to more knowledgeably resolve you personal health problems.

Subliminals and hypnosis are natural ways of making maximum, productive use of both you mind and body. The
pleasant cassette tapes and cd’s shared on this site represent your key to opening that beckoning door toward
greater health and well-being.

This type of mental health training is compatible with every belief system and every faith because all it
asks is for you to learn to help yourself. We can learn to love and care for others only to the extent that
we learn to love and care for ourselves.

Research scientists have discovered that many areas of you physical health are related to and under the influence
of the power of your mind. Areas such as sleeping patterns, nutrition, habit control, and tension headaches
are just a few examples.

Medical research tells us when individuals actively use their minds to improve health, they may tend to get
better faster. Then, as you already realize, your personal physician’s care and Subliminal Training
Programs are designed to work hand-in-hand, helping you achieve even greater levels of vitality. Many doctors
are already instructing their patients how to help avoid, reduce, and eliminate poor health.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.