A Better Way to Naturally Relieve Pain

Woman Suffering From Pain

When it comes to relieving pain, especially any type of inflammation-related chronic pain, you want to choose natural alternatives whenever possible. Rather than forming a dependency on an unhealthy pain-relief remedy, instead choose products that you can use long-term, which will help your body heal and grow stronger rather than merely increasing dependent on them for pain relief. Hempvana specializes in an incredibly effective line of pain relief products, from topical hemp-based creams and gels to their rocket relief pen. Check out Hempvana if you want all the pain relief without any of the side-effects.

Best Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally

While certainly there are times to turn to stronger pain relief options, it is always best to use natural pain relief alternatives whenever possible. This can include things like Hempvana’s hemp-based pain relief creams as well as any of the following.


Manual massage is a great way to remove muscle pain and soreness. Massage has also been shown to reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, and, in general, improve your sense of wellbeing. The trouble with massage, for most people, is that it is expensive and time-consuming. In some cases, like having knee problems, you can massage a pain relief cream (like one from Hempvana) yourself. But, if you are dealing with back or neck pain, you may have to either hire a professional or use something like a massage gun – which is effective and increasingly popular.


Stretching is good both before and after working out. Despite what you may have been taught, after working out is, perhaps, an even better time for the slow, static types of stretches like toe-touches, arm stretches, neck stretches, and the like. Stretching after exercise helps reduce lactic acid build-up up in the muscles, which will ultimately help relieve pain and decrease your chance of future injury.

Get Outside

Getting at least ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure per day gives your body essential vitamin D. Deficiencies related to vitamin D are very common worldwide and lead to a number of health issues that can cause pain. If you have trouble getting outside because of your work or life schedule consider supplementation. 


Yes, although exercise can also CAUSE pain, the point is that by strengthening your body you are ultimately making things easier on your muscles and joints by making them more effective and able to do their job. The result is that you will have less pain, feel happier, and perfrom better daily.

Warm Bath

Warm baths, especially if you add epsom salt, have several health benefits. They provide magnesium, reduce blood pressure, clean your skin, reduce inflammation, help sore muscles, and more. Give nightly baths a try at the end of the day and see how much better you feel going to bed and how more rested you feel waking up.


There you have it, some of the best ways to naturally relieve pain! Try massages, stretching, going outside, taking warm baths, exercising, and natural pain-relief creams like those from Hempvana the next time you experience muscle pain or soreness.