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Are Veneers Better Than Implants

Smiling is not only an expression of warmth or joy, it is also a way to connect with other people. The quality of your smile can determine whether you land that job, attract or repel your date, or get someone to buy your product. Your smile can project confidence, communicate …

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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

Cosmetic Procedures

If there was a magic pill that we could all take that would guarantee results, there’d be a queue and it would sell out. Sadly there isn’t, and anything that is worth attaining usually involves hard work and an investment of time. The local gym survives because there are no …

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Three Keys to Healthy Aging

INTRODUCTION No one really knows why we age other than to acknowledge that as our cells die and don’t get replaced, organs – and ultimately our bodies –  – do indeed die. The role that disease plays in this process is obvious – especially if there is no successful treatment …

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Green Potatoes Are They Poisonous?

Holistic Nutrition

You must have heard your mom say that green potatoes are bad and you cannot use them, rather toss them in the bin. Then other people will just cut the green parts off the potato. Either way, green potatoes are not more desirable than the normal brown colored ones. Mostly …

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How Can You Make Yoga Easier For You?

The advantages of yoga in a fitness routine cannot be understated but there is one big problem for most people out there: yoga is just too hard for them. We have to acknowledge the fact that yoga can be a challenge and that it does require a lot of practice. …

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Causes and Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

That painful sensation when drinking a cold or hot drink, or that strange pain when brushing your teeth are symptoms that you have sensitive teeth. The proper term for sensitive is dentin hypersensitivity. This is a condition, which can be very painful, which occurs when your inner layer of your …

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