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Medicinal Benefits of Red Clover Blossoms, Leaf, and Tea

JewelWeed and Benefits of Red Clover Leaf, Blossoms, and Tea Red Clover is an easily grown plant, from seed or root cuttings, and requires little attention. The long root is rhizome, and sends out runners, producing several stems 1 to 2 feet high, slightly hairy; leaves ternate, leaflets ovate, slightly …

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Gardening Supplies – Specialty Assortment of Rose Bushes

Gardening-Supply – Find Specialty Rose Bushes, Garden Pruner, and Fertilizer Stakes Gardening-Supply – Find Best Garden Pruner, Fertilizer Stakes, and a large selection of Roses Beautiful rose bushes add an elegant and fragrant blessing to any garden. You will find some of the most beautiful roses featured here. Nature Hills …

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Bach Flower Essences Kit Information on the 38 Remedies and Guide Use

Bach Flower Remedies – Healing Essences of Nature Is stress ruling your life and leaving you tired with a negative attitude? Bring yourself back into balance with the positive essence of Bach Flower Remedies. An English doctor, Edward Bach (1886-1936), became interested in homeopathic remedies after having been a head …

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