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Understanding Dental Implants for That Perfect Smile


We put a lot of emphasis on the perfect smile these days, but there are many factors that can detract from them, sometimes for reasons outside our control. Peridontal disease, tooth decay, injuries, aging, there are many things that factor into losing a tooth, or teeth, but the question becomes—how …

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Vaginal Cancer: Understanding the Facts

Cancer of any kind is frightening, but for women vaginal cancer is a particularly dreaded diagnosis. Not only is it a serious and life threatening condition, it can also affect women on an emotional level. A woman’s vagina is an important part of a woman’s femininity, and being diagnosed with …

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Understanding Thyroid Disorders and Metabolism Enhancement

Fit Woman

It can be frustrating when weight loss is complicated by a metabolic distress that is caused from thyroid problems. Dr. Leia points our questioner to specialized resources that will aid her in better understanding her underlying symptoms and conditions. D. Leia also provides information for knowledgable approaches on diet and …

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