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Tantric Sex Massage, Initiation and Training Retreat

Tantric Sexuality and Tantra Training Tantric Sensuality and Tantra Practices Many who seek healing through tantra often displace opportunities to share true intimacy by creating a false sense of intimacy. Some are setting themselves up for more pain later on because they either choose those who will repeat patterns of …

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The Manly Art of Problem Solving

Mens health

Problems are a natural occurrence in everyday life. They come in various forms, short-term, long-term, small problems, big problems. Every problem varies and so do the people that face them. However, the one thing that holds universally true is the art of handling these problems.   Problems can be encountered …

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Using CBT: My Journey with A Fearful Patient

Everyone on earth has been afraid at some point in their lives. Little fears, like being stung by a bee that just flew in the window. Big fears, such as developing cancer or having a heart attack. Fear and anxiety are a normal part of being human. For the most …

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Shamanic Hypnosis Interview with Betsie Poinsett

Alternative Healing Education – Shamanic Hypnosis and The Indigo Children Read an interview with Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett, who is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also adept in Shamanism. The interview provides insight on working with Indigo children and alternative approaches. Question: What is the role of hypnotherapy in healing? …

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Odyssey to Tao Garden: A Journey of Self Mastery

Take a virtual trip to Thailand with Francesco Garripoli and Curtis McCosco. Francesco Garripoli has put together an amazing Healing Retreat and Study Trip to Thailand. The following article is written by Curtis, who enthusiastically gives Francesco’s Thailand Study Trip five stars. Garripoli shares, “We are combining the wisdom of …

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