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Health Article on Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency, Fibroneuralgia, Natural Treatments for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

What is Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency? Fibroneuralgia? Are There Natural Treatments for Lou Gehrig’s Disease? Question for Dr. Leia: Recently my brother-in-law was diagnosed with this frightening disease Lou Gehrig’s, I was curious if there had been any studies on holistic methods or alternative health modalities which could help. My brother-in-law is …

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Information on Digestive Enzymes Supplements and 4 Basic Body Types

Information on Enzymes for Improved Digestion and Their Relationship with the Four Basic Body Types Information on Enzymes and the 4 Basic Body Types – Which Digestive Enzyme Supplement is Best First, let’s discuss the different body types, then we will go on and discuss enzyme therapy and how it …

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The Spiritual Significance of Electrical Malfunctions, Car Problems, Electrical Devices

What is the significance of electrical malfunctions, car problems and issues with electrical devices? Well:aAnother symptom of acceleration that I’ve been experiencing and hearing about from those in my circle involves electrical devices doing weird stuff. For instance, stereos than won’t turn off (even when unplugged), vacuum cleaners that mysteriously …

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Ayurveda Counsels Oiling Your Body

Body Oil in Small Glass Jar

Ayurveda encourages appropriate oiling of the body parts. This needs to be practiced on an everyday basis. The main reason behind this is that applying and massaging oil onto the body is believed to be a good manner of rendering nourishing and suppleness to both the muscles and the tissues …

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