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Will artificial sweeteners damage your gut?

Holistic Nutrition

Artificial sweeteners have become a normal, mostly as part of weight management and those trying to lose some weight. There sweeteners, or synthetic sugar substitutes, are also added to processed foods and drinks to sweeten their taste. This sweetness comes without calories being added. However, although dieters might like the …

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Story About Wetting Bed Cure for Nocturnal Enuresis

Natural Remedy as Bedwetting Cure If you are a parent who has a child who is wetting the bed you might want to try this old folk remedy shared in the following article. There are many bedwetting stories which provide advice and how to’s, but this one is especially sweet. …

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Important Eating Tips For Adding To Your Free Diet Programs

Looking for Tips From Free Diet Programs? Try Mindful Eating For Creating Healthier Choices If you are like many people who search the web for free diet tips and programs offering quick weight loss ideas, you just may appreciate the wisdom and insight in the following article. By Toria Betson …

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Herbal Newsletter – Artificial Sweeteners vs. Natural Sweeteners, Such as Stevia

Alternative Health Ezine: Truth About Artificial Sweeteners Holistic Health Newsletter – Herbal Remedies to Address Your Health Challenges – Are Artificial Sweeteners Better than Natural? What are artificial sweeteners? This special herbal newsletter defines various types of artificial sweeteners and whether the artificial sweeteners often used in weight loss plans …

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