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How Disposable E-Cigs Can Help You Quit Smoking

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you know why smoking has notoriously been one of the hardest addictions to kick. At least until vaping came along. Many people are still a little gun-shy about trying e-cigs, but there’s plenty of proof out there —and an ever-increasing amount of support, …

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Great Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Every single person that tried to quit smoking, successfully or not, will tell you that it is difficult. The good news is there are many different things that you can do if you want to kick the habit. The bad news is that people are not properly informed and they …

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Dr. Leia Discusses Acupunture to Stop Smoking Vs Drugs

Tips on Stopping Smoking in a Healthy Way: Dr. Leia Discusses Acupuncture to Stop Smoking and Other Helpful Resources Question for Dr. Leia: I was recently working with a program to quit cigarettes, and kept a stop smoking workbook where I journaled each day. I was really anxious to try …

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