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Not that into you…stay single until it’s real!

We all want to find our king or queen. Who can relate to the following? Meeting someone new, thinking its going great, finding yourself swirling around in the land of love, thinking of your new date, missing everything about him/her: voice, touch and kisses, but not so long down the line …

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The Negative Side Effects of the Anthrax Vaccine

Any discussion of the side effects of a vaccine is going to be controversial. Because of Andrew Wakefield’s discredited work, many people believe that all vaccines cause a wide array of conditions.  Because of the backlash against anti-vaccine activists, other people immediately shut down any discussion of vaccine side effects. …

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Health Tips and Tech Aids for Seniors

The beauty of living in this time is that there is a technological aid for almost every challenge you may have as you get older. Live alone? Get a voice-activated AI such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri to talk to and interact with. Need reminders to drink enough water? …

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4 Warning Signs of Blood Clots

Healthy Red Heart

Blood clots tend to be fast acting, difficult to see coming, and unfortunately fatal in many cases. If you have a family history of blood clots or find yourself concerned about their manifestation in your body, finding the warning signs is not going to a simple task. According to the …

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Using onlays to restore your smile


Onlays If you have a dental cavity that’s too large for a regular filling, but you don’t want a crown, an onlay could be the best option for you. Onlays, porcelain fillings, which are molded dental fillings that cover the tooth’s biting surface as well as filling in the area …

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Dental crowns: Procedure, time and cost explained


Crowns and the procedure Severe damage to teeth, particularly those visible, can be repaired with fillings and addition of structural pins. But crowns and onlays on the teeth are still the best for the ideal tooth shape and improved strength and fracture resistance abilities. ‘ Your natural crown of your …

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As a trusted brand since 1998, offers native advertising solutions, sponsored posts and authentic content marketing that can help healthcare providers of conventional and alternative solutions reach their target audience. A variety of experts, including fitness enthusiasts, pharmaceutical professionals, Doctors, Dentists, Yoga practitioners and Nutritionists partner with Healthynewage to project thought …

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