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What Americans really care about

Despite what you might think, there are causes in the world that Americans care about tremendously. Transatlantic relations between people with shared values may have been questionned by anyone who take the media at face value. But in a social and data driven environment, things are a lot more positive …

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Submit a press release (Health and Medical PR)

Patient Getting Check Up

Welcome to Healthynewage press releases. We help professionals in health, medical and pharmaceutical to reach their target audience through effective press releases. “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on publicity..”, Bill Gates Results:  Growing a medical brand and managing online reputation through press releases in …

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Article Submission Guidelines

The quarterly magazine is now also available to millions of mobile and tablet readers. Relevant articles of exceptional quality, written by qualified professionals will be considered for inclusion.  Thank you for your interest in contributing content to our online Health Magazine. Write for us: this is your opportunity to influence positively. Please …

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Syndrome X: The Hidden Disease You May Already Have

Syndrome X: The Hidden Disease You May Already Have You may be at risk for Syndrome X. You may already be suffering from one of the most common and often overlooked diseases to strike Americans. It’s not a deadly new virus. Nor cancer. It’s a disease, surprisingly enough, caused by …

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