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What to Look for in General Practitioners

Sexual health

When we are sick, the default solution is to get into the first doctor we’ve heard about or the first one that will get us in. Yet this can hurt the quality of care we receive. You should do your research for medical service providers whenever possible. What should you …

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A+B=C: The Rx Prescription for Optimal Happiness

I’ll begin this article with a simple question: Do you respect yourself enough to walk away from those people that limit you? Sure you do. But what about what really limits you, your thoughts? These are what truly blocks your growth and lead to unhealthy negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, …

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Art Therapy: Paint a picture of your feelings

You might be familiar with expressions such as “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “Do I have to paint you a picture?” These idioms are rooted in the belief that images can sometimes be more effective than words at capturing and conveying complex ideas, thoughts and feelings. Words are phonetic labels our …

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Healing With Spiritual Integrity: Tips for New Reiki Healers

Reiki Energy Healing: Working With Integrity Working with Spiritual Integrity – Healing Tips for New Healers, Alternative Healing with Spiritual Integrity Reiki Energy: Healing With Integrity The most important aspects of working as a healer are spiritual integrity, the ability to be a clear channel, and the release of ego. …

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