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Driver safety: 4 Tips for Preventing a Truck Accident

According to the American Automobile Association, an average American spends about 17,600 minutes on the road driving each year. In this case, they are exposed to different dangers of using the road, including a possible collision with a commercial truck. In most cases, some of the accidents usually occur due …

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Changing your smile with veneers


The procedure of veneering For instant transformation, porcelain veneers can be used. These are thin shells of medical-grade ceramic that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. The veneers are individually made for each patient, and look like natural dental enamel. These veneers can be used to correct …

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Submit a press release (Health and Medical PR)

Patient Getting Check Up

Welcome to Healthynewage press releases. We help professionals in health, medical and pharmaceutical to reach their target audience through effective press releases. “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on publicity..”, Bill Gates Results:  Growing a medical brand and managing online reputation through press releases in …

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Your Gut is the Key to Your Health – Part 2 – The 4 R’s Program to Heal Your Gut

Laura B. was no stranger to gastrointestinal upset. She was a pretty woman plagued by the most unglamorous of complaints: abdominal pain and cramping, embarrassing gas, and bouts of constipation interspersed with stretches of explosive diarrhoea. She had been to her primary health care physician and a gastroenterologist. A diagnosis of …

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Learn About Importance of Organic Foods and Find Healthy Chocolate

Healthy Shopping Online – Importance Of Organic Food The fact that organic food is better for you than the commercially available foods is not new. Naturopathic physicians have told us for many years that organic is better. Organic foods are foods that are raised and processed without the use of …

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Stem Cell Enhancement and Huntington’s Disease

Holistic Health Information on Natural Stem Cell Enhancement and Huntington’s Disease Hematopoetic and Mesenchymal – Two Significant Stem Cell Types Stem Cells, the “Master” cells of the body, are the focus of a study to see if certain stem cell types can fight Huntington’s Disease (HD). is pleased to …

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Foot Reflexology: Ancient Healing through Pressure Therapy

Alternative Healing and Holistic Health Information on The Ancient Art of Foot Reflexology Foot reflexology pressure therapy is a safe holistic remedy. Records of this ancient healing art date back as far as ancient Egypt. Continue on to read the most frequently asked questions about foot reflexology information and wellness. …

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Holistic and Energy Healing Services, Animal Training Resources

Holistic Health Care and Energetic Healing for Pets Holistic Health Solutions for Pet Care – Keeping our Four-Legged Friends Healthy How much do you feed your cat or dog? And what’s best to feed them? Can energetic healing be as effective for animals as it is for two-leggeds? What natural …

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