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Are Co-working Spaces Healthier Environments?

One of the great lessons we have learned in the last two years is that businesses can thrive with remote teams. The rise of remote work means that the need for traditional office spaces has plummeted. Traditional offices can no longer pose as the best places to be productive, and …

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What are the Top 12 Rehabs in the World?

Anybody who wants to succeed in breaking free from an addiction has to do some research to find a top treatment center aligned to their budget. But for some, price is the least of their concern: issues related to privacy and treatment protocol are far more important. Some multi-national institutions …

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My Day with Jack Lemmon

My Day With Jack Lemmon and James Garner – Filming The Role of Charlene, The Budget Rental Clerk in My Fellow Americans It was a wild ride that night. What had brought me to that moment was a call-back audition for a film starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner called, …

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