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Who run the biggest STD clinics around the world?

Sexual health

Governmental departments mostly run the sexual health industry and even these are being assisted by non-governmental organization, which are funded by other governments for the well-being for the people within a country. However, of late a new player has started to enter the market – that of the commercial operator. …

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Does the size of your penis bother you?

Mens health

The small penis syndrome According to the Journal of Urology, the average penis was 5.1 inches (or 12.9cm) in 1996, whereas in 2018, most sources claim that it is 5.2 inches, that is not a major increase – but let’s explore some penis data. Many men has what is called small …

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What you need to know about scabies

Sexual Health

What is scabies? Scabies is a skin condition, caused by a tiny eight-legged parasite called scabies mites or Sarcoptes scabiei. These small, insect like parasites infect the top layer of the skin, by burrowing underneath the skin can lay their eyes in the top layer of your skin. They are …

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