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7 different methods for weight loss and detox

Harms of being  overweight and toxins   Many people associate the overweight in the first place with the look and the weight loss – with the achievement of a slim figure.     Far more serious than the appearance, however, is the problem with the diseases that the surplus kilograms …

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Ways to Keep Your Pet Cancer Free

Holistic Nutrition

The Big “C” that frightens humans, affects even more dogs, at the rate of nearly half the adult dog population. With that said, just as with humans, there are ways to give your pet the best chance for not getting cancer in the first place. So you might wonder What Causes Cancer …

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Health Benefits Of A Food Dehydrator

Fresh Raw Vegetable Selection

It is no longer a secret that modern agricultural methods, including the extensive use of pesticides on one hand and genetic modifications on the other, are responsible for soil depletion, which results in crops with increasingly lower levels of nutrients. If we add to this that processing food further reduces its nutritional …

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The Ultimate Natural Skin Care with Live Nutrients

Zenbiotic Skin Therapy – The Ultimate in Professional Natural Skin Care Products When seeking healthy skin learn about a breakthrough technology applied to natural skin care products through Zenbiotic’s Live Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT). This is an advancement in professional, natural skin therapy that allows unprecedented benefits and advantages through …

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Living Longer Through Laughter, Exercise, Relaxation, and Nutrition

Free Health Articles and Health Alerts – Practical Information for Living Longer Living longer is one thing and enjoying those extra years is quite another. These simple longevity tips can go a long way toward both living longer and enjoying better health. Live Longer. Tips for Adding Life to Your …

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Water: The Foundation of a Healthy Body

Water – The Foundation of a Healthy Body Until recently most medical theory was based on the assumption that the 20% of our body that is solid tissue is what determined our health, since that is where most outward signs of disease and illness are found. It was thought that …

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