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Symptoms of ADD are Helped with Biofeedback Meditation Game

Meditation with BioFeedback Helps Kids with Symptoms of ADD By Toria Betson Mom! I don’t want to go to yoga! I hate yoga! It’s stupid! I thought yoga might help our son better cope with his emotions. Our beautiful and gifted son had been diagnosed with ADD, and like so …

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Spiritual Improvisation: Theater Games for Enlightenment

Improv and Theatre Games for Fun and Enlightenment Learn to Improve Your Psychic Ability, Spiritual Empathy, Creative Thinking & Innovative Living What is Improvisation? At it’s most simple, improv is acting without a script. Making things up as you go along, usually based on a structure that is predefined, called …

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Healthier Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety

With stress and anxiety more prevalent in our society than ever, it’s time to look at the ways our health habits contribute to our state of mind. You know what it takes to be healthy—eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep—but the ability to reduce stress in your life is …

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