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5 Benefits of Undergoing a Human Growth Hormone treatment

Cosmetic procedures

The older you turn you’re bound to look for ways that help in improving your overall health condition. This includes rejuvenating your endurance and vitality, losing unwanted fat, enhancing the mental ability and improving sexual performance and libido. In an attempt to restore our growth hormone supplies, we often find …

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The sound of tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where you literally hear noises in your head without having any psychiatric conditions.  It can be heard in any area of your head, or in one or even both ears. You are the only one that can hear it as it is not created by an …

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10 Amazing benefits of sage

Holistic Nutrition

Most of us know sage as perennial woody herb and some of us might even have it growing in our gardens. Sage, or if you prefer the scientific name, salvia officinalis, is a sister herb of rosemary. Both sage and rosemary have the organic compound rosmarinic acid that can offer …

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Spiritual Improvisation: Theater Games for Enlightenment

Improv and Theatre Games for Fun and Enlightenment Learn to Improve Your Psychic Ability, Spiritual Empathy, Creative Thinking & Innovative Living What is Improvisation? At it’s most simple, improv is acting without a script. Making things up as you go along, usually based on a structure that is predefined, called …

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