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Top 5 Detox Holidays In Europe

With so many places claiming to be the best health and fitness retreat, deciding where to go in Europe for a detox holiday is challenging. After all, when you pay hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to escape the dull British weather, you want to ensure your chosen cleansing detox …

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Better Medicine Through Electronic Record Keeping

Sexual health

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) appear to be all the rage among medical practitioners these days. They’re appearing in offices around the country, allowing doctors, nurses, therapists and the like greater flexibility and confidence in their practices. Medical recordkeeping has always been the bane of the medical profession that falls into …

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Jobs at healthynewage

We’re hiring in the USA, UK/Europe, India, South Africa and Australia! An experienced media sales executive is required for a well established health brand. Work for us and experience the ultimate fulfillment of being autonomous, truely global and being part of a worldwide team.       The company: …

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Best T.J. Clark Health Supplements and Colloidal Liquid Minerals

T. J. Clark Health Supplements Include Catalyzed Phytogenic Colloidal Minerals Legendary Photogenic Colloidal Mineral Formula provides supplementation of up to seventy-two minerals and trace-elements that are naturally occurring. You don’t have to worry about ingesting added preservatives, or other fillers that you get in many supplements, such as gluten, sugar, …

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