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Puranas: Superhumans you may never hear of

The modernization of humankind has for decades made us weaker, and more materialistic in our approach to finding ultimate happiness. We long for social interaction, but our social groups are immoral, and we abandon virtue to find ourselves in an unjust and criminal society. For generations, there has been a …

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Ayurveda – Successful treatment of every disease

What we do not know about the millennial Eastern medicine.   Ayurveda is a medicine that during its thousand-year evolution has found ways to cure each disease. It successfully copes with the “modern” diseases of the present day, caused, for example, by the stress – depression, headache, cardiovascular problems, stomach …

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The history of MuuMuu Dresses

MuuMuu dresses, the loose fitting unbelted dress designed for women of all sizes, originated in Hawaii. Many decades ago, missionaries went to Hawaii and found the women wearing nothing more than a skirt cloth wrapped around the hips and tied on the side. Their breasts were completely bare. The missionaries designed …

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