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Bio-Sonic Repatterning Video Study Program on Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Therapy Classes: Bio-Sonic Re-Patterning Video Study Program With a comprehensive 6-video series you can become skilled as a sound healer and communicator. In course studies you will learn all about the major sound healing modalities including tuning forks, sound, voice, mantras and the five elements. Learn how to use …

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Recommended Reiki eBook Offers Reiki Master Course Online

Reiki Bookstore – “Radical Reiki – Radical Life” by JA Conroy and CT Conroy Have you considered what the difference may be between an “expert” and a “professional” in a field of chosen endeavor? Being a geek type personality, I took a whole afternoon on a Saturday curled up by …

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Associate Polarity Therapy Practitioner Video Training

Learn Polarity Therapy – Associate Practitioner Video Course What is Polarity Therapy? Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing art based on balancing life energy. Polarity Therapy was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D., (1890-1981) who traveled around the world studying and integrating many healing arts including Chiropractic, Osteopathic, …

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Definition of Ayurvedic Body Typing Video

Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health care system dating back to over 5000 years, is made of two Sanskrit words, meaning “science of life.” Rather than providing a quick-fix solution by tackling the symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda’s guiding principle is to heal the body of the root cause of the …

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Natural Route to Whiter Teeth

Thinking about whitening your teeth probably brings to mind images of dentist’s chairs, lasers and intensive chemical treatments to get rid of unsightly stains and dullness. However, some people look for more natural ways to get their teeth white. If you have heard the buzz about natural teeth whitening, then …

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Introduction to The Healing Codes Programs

Heart Shape Made by Two Hands

Stress is everywhere. It has been pinpointed as the number one trigger for disease and death around the world. In 2001, Dr. Alex Loyd discovered a self-healing therapy called The Healing Codes which engages users’ physiological control over self-management of stress. The Healing Codes program offers people everywhere the power …

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