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Symptoms of ADD are Helped with Biofeedback Meditation Game

Meditation with BioFeedback Helps Kids with Symptoms of ADD By Toria Betson Mom! I don’t want to go to yoga! I hate yoga! It’s stupid! I thought yoga might help our son better cope with his emotions. Our beautiful and gifted son had been diagnosed with ADD, and like so …

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Carseat Safety and Consumer Report Information

Things to Know About Infant Carseat Safety The increase in the number of road accidents makes it necessary that you employ carseat safety measures for protecting your children from potential injuries. However, due to the increase in the number of companies offering child safety seats, it has become very difficult …

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Where to buy New Zealand’s Manuka honey

Buying Manuka Honey From Authorized Distributors And Suppliers   Manuka Honey is a special type of honey derived from New Zealand where the beekeepers set up hives in uncultivated areas wherein Manuka bushes can grow. It contains unique compounds and phytochemical properties that make them extremely valuable compared with other …

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