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Ear Mites in Cats & Dogs – Natural Remedy Treatment – Mite Cure

Holistic Health Solutions for Getting Rid of Ear Mites – Natural and Allopathic Options Ear mite information shares helpful tips for getting rid of ear mites through natural ear mite treatment suggested by a holistic vet, plus traditional ear mite medicines. These little parasites are maddening for animals, causing intense …

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The Manly Art of Problem Solving

Mens health

Problems are a natural occurrence in everyday life. They come in various forms, short-term, long-term, small problems, big problems. Every problem varies and so do the people that face them. However, the one thing that holds universally true is the art of handling these problems.   Problems can be encountered …

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Learn Why You Should Be Eating Healthy Meats

Are You Eating Healthy Meats or Factory-Farmed Meat? The Truth about Factory Raised Chickens, Turkey, Fish and Veal: Part Two Eating healthy meats should seem like an easy task; however it is not as easy as you think. If you buy your meat from the supermarket or the local butcher, …

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Recommended Reiki eBook Offers Reiki Master Course Online

Reiki Bookstore – “Radical Reiki – Radical Life” by JA Conroy and CT Conroy Have you considered what the difference may be between an “expert” and a “professional” in a field of chosen endeavor? Being a geek type personality, I took a whole afternoon on a Saturday curled up by …

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Use these 10 foods to get beautiful hair!

Written by Chef Alain Braux Who doesn’t dream of incredibly soft, shiny and voluminous hair? Or who wouldn’t like to be done once and for all with greasy or dry hair, to stop fighting dandruff and split ends? The news is that you don’t need to spend crazy money on the latest caviar …

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