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5 Benefits of Undergoing a Human Growth Hormone treatment

Cosmetic procedures

The older you turn you’re bound to look for ways that help in improving your overall health condition. This includes rejuvenating your endurance and vitality, losing unwanted fat, enhancing the mental ability and improving sexual performance and libido. In an attempt to restore our growth hormone supplies, we often find …

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Fluoride treatments and the health implications


Fluoride treatments What is flouride treatment? Teeth enamel is porous. This makes teeth vulnerable to acid attacked. Fluoride is used to harden the tooth enamel and can make it resistant to acid exposure. This means that the teeth are protected against cavities as well as reduce tooth sensitivity. Dentist normally …

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The pursuit of happiness: not just a movie!

People disagree on many things but everyone wants to be happy. And so do you! Whilst the perfect recipe for happiness has not been finalised, with ingredients being constantly added to and taken away from the list, research has time and again shown the mild but consistent effectiveness of a handful of strategies which I am …

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