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Learn Chinese Qigong Healing with Free Qi Gong Exercises

Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance by Francesco Garripoli The term Qi Gong (pronounced chee gung), is an ancient Chinese healthcare modality that has facinated people for ages. In China it is well known that Qi Gong exercises and good health go hand in hand. There are many different …

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Osteoporosis Exercises to Help Symptoms and Build Bone Density

How Exercise Helps Symptoms of Osteoporosis Osteoporosis exercises make a huge difference in maintaining bone density and preventing onset of osteoporosis. Any weight-bearing exercise is considered a way to maintain and even improve the condition of bone structure that provides support for your body. Running, jogging, aerobics performed in a …

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5 Most effective exercises

Does your daily workout really have an impact on your body? It all depends on the type of exercise you do and how you do them. Done right the 5 exercises presented in this article should get you result that you can feel and even friends around you will see …

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