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To Live Long, Exercise Rather Than Lose Weight

The secret to living a longer life has been sought by humanity for as long as we have roamed the earth. Dan Buettner found 5 “Blue Zones” across the world where people regularly lived to old age. Among Buettner’s findings were that people in those Blue Zones lived lifestyles that …

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Top 5 exercise excuses & how to beat them

Written by Loic Cobbina I don’t need to tell you that exercise is good for you in many ways: it decreases the chances of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Something as simple as doing a few stretches will improve the quality of your sleep and make you feel more energised when waking up. …

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Body Type Diet and Exercise Profile for a Type Three

Body Type Three is where an individual has Broad Shoulders and Muscular Legs. Of all of the body types this is the truly one that needs to learn balance. Learn more about the perfect diet for a Type 3 body>>  The adrenals control the building of our body’s energy, stimulation of our …

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