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The importance of education for children

Education is one of those buzzwords that people like to use to sound socially progressive. They’ll often say that if the government spent more money on education all the problems of the economy would be solved. We are always hearing how more science and technology graduates will help us compete …

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Meera Manek – Writer and Freelance Journalist

Meera Manek Meera Manek is a London-based freelance journalist and writer, specializing in travel and health. She regularly writes for over ten publications in UK, India, and Dubai. She has studied Economics, Politics, and International Studies at Warwick University, and Journalism at the Postgraduate level. Though she has travelled to …

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Fresh: Documentary about Food, Farming, and the Future

Documentary Film Fresh

With an examination of industrial farming and its impacts, including the negative consequences of monoculture agricultural practices, Fresh (Ripple Effect Films) depicts for viewers the benefits of sustainable agricultural. Producer Ana Sofia Joanes highlights prominent people within the discussion and promotion of renovating the current food system. With references to …

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To-Go Ware No Other Company Has Gone Before

Green Bamboo

Not too long ago, over a snack served in disposable dishware, Stephanie Bernstein decided enough was enough. Bernstein decided to make it easy for people to eat conveniently without contributing to the ever-growing pile of plastic trash produced by our disposable society. To-Go Ware was born, a company offering environmentally …

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