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How Klotho Protein Can Help Influence Longevity

Holistic Nutrition

Klotho protein is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that was first discovered in 1997. It is aptly named after the Greek goddess Klotho – one of the three fates – who was believed to be responsible for spinning the thread of life. Since its discovery, significant research …

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A+B=C: The Rx Prescription for Optimal Happiness

I’ll begin this article with a simple question: Do you respect yourself enough to walk away from those people that limit you? Sure you do. But what about what really limits you, your thoughts? These are what truly blocks your growth and lead to unhealthy negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, …

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Help Build Wealth with Ten Steps to Create Prosperity

Are You Prosperity Conscious – Get Help Building Wealth with Tools for Abundant Living Prosperity doesn’t just show up. You have to be at the right point of consciousness to for building wealth and creating abundance in every area of your life. And once you are there, you have to …

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