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Find Out What is Really in Your Toothpaste

We use toothpaste every single day. Ideally, we use toothpaste every day, twice a day. But most of us never think twice about what goes into our toothpaste. And maybe we should. When you think of your toothpaste, most of us think of fluoride, a great anticavity chemical compound. We …

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Dysport, the alternative treatment to Botox

Cosmetic procedures

Short description of Dysport If you are looking for an alternative to Botox, and a more natural appearance, then you might want to look into the use of Dysport. Dysport, with active ingredient Abobotulinum toxin A is a prescription injection shown to be effective in smoothing out the appearance of …

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Feed your face! Natural remedies for dry skin

The skin on the face is very delicate as it is constantly exposed to atmospheric agents. As temperatures drop, wintertime can be an aggravating factor for those who have a sensitive skin making it dry, scaly or itchy. Such conditions can make people uncomfortable: after all, the face is the …

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Brace for winter with Ayurveda

Man Basking in Sun

Welcome winter and welcome wellness! Not only for this cold season, but also for all the seasons to come. This is the time to nourish your body so as to flourish in times to come. This article contains some useful tips that will help you to reap the benefits of cold winter days to the …

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Learn About Chi Energy and the Chinese Meridian Systems

Part Four: Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Series – Chi Energy and the Meridian Systems Chi or Qi or Mana is an untranslatable word in the Chinese dictionary. It signifies a tendency, a movement, something on the order of energy. The Acupuncturist measures different types of Chi when diagnosing the problem. …

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Learn About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Alternatives to HRT

Estriol Cream and Hormones – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Hormones replacement therapy as a woman reaches menopause has been the subject of much research and controversy recently. Many prescription, synthetic and non-plant based medications have been found to increase risks of certain health problems in far too many women to …

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