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Warning: Your Tap Water Could Be Killing You

Guess what happens when you pour chlorinated tap water into a goldfish bowel? The fish die. Or so states a new report on subject of toxic chemicals in your tap water. Considered the “silent enemy” lurking inside your kitchen and bathrooms, chlorinated water, while supposedly killing all sorts of diseases …

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RapidRona Is the New Standard of Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Chicago-based med-tech company comprises a team of technology, healthcare, and science professionals who developed a singular COVID testing process that can be done completely at home and without interacting with anyone or suffering through a deep nasopharyngeal swab.  The Covid self-collection kit and accompanying end-to-end service, which the FDA …

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10 Ways to Avoid Chikungunya for Your Family

Sexual health

What is Chikungunya? Chikungunya is an infection state of human body, which is caused by the CHIKV or the chikungunya virus. The patient of chikungunya suffers from high fever and pain in the joints. These symptoms, however, may occur from two to twelve days from when the infection takes place …

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The 13 Health Benefits of Cumin

Holistic Nutrition

Cumin, or Cuminum cyminum L as it is also known in Latin, is a low growing leafy plant found in India, the Middle East, China and Mediterranean region. More so, cumin seeds are referring to the fruit of the plant, but this plant is best known globally as a spice. …

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What you need to know about scabies

Sexual Health

What is scabies? Scabies is a skin condition, caused by a tiny eight-legged parasite called scabies mites or Sarcoptes scabiei. These small, insect like parasites infect the top layer of the skin, by burrowing underneath the skin can lay their eyes in the top layer of your skin. They are …

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Whole House Water Purification Unit and Countertop and Shower Filters

Looking for a Full House Water Filtration System? What is cryptosporidiosis? If you haven’t heard of this long, weird word, you may. It is a disease caused by parasites that can be in water. NSF-International (NSF) does independent testing of filters to determine if they remove Cryptosporidium. To find out …

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Natural Remedy for Genetal Warts Caused by HPV

Facts About Warts and HPV Information on Body Warts or Genital Warts Did you know there are almost 100 different strains of the wart virus or HPV? Did you know that type 16 and type 33 warts are linked with cancer? We’re pleased to offer health information on flat warts, …

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