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Herbal Remedies Newsletter – Colon Health, Autism, Herbal Patches

Learn about holistic health products and herbal remedies for whatever ailment or symptom you may have. As you review this special newsletter from Herbal Remedies, the information provided guides you to information and natural remedies to help you with your healthcare and wellness approach on various health concerns. You may want to …

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An Enlarging Prostate May Have No Symptoms for 10 Years

An Update on Prostate Health: 400,000 New Cases Are Diagnosed Every Year – What Can You Do to Protect Yourself? The prostate is in the news again. More cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men than breast cancer in women. The number of cases is expected to increase in …

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How You Can Avoid Heart Attack, Stroke, Angina, and Angioplasty

Question: What Kills More People Than Any Other Disease? Answer: Strokes and Heart Attacks The good news is that it is now possible to fight heart disease nutritionally and win with the help of a remarkable health formula proven effective in arterial cleansing. Press Release: A third-party scientific medical research …

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