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The big differences between vitamin K1 & K2

Holistic Nutrition

Have you read reports where they talk about vitamin K, but have you every queried by asking which vitamin K they are referring to? This article will focus on vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Both are vital for good health, but both act differently. Nonetheless, in this article different foods …

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Dr. Leia Discusses Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Vitamins

Are all Vitamins Created Equal? – Learn About Additives, Fillers, and Synthetically Created Nutritional Products Question for Dr. Leia: I am wondering why some brands of vitamins cost so much more than others. When I try to discern which is best I notice many have additives or are synthetic versions. …

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Learn the Difference Between Organic Eggs and the Free Range Egg

Organic and Free Range Eggs – What’s The Difference? It is not hot news that the hens on regular farms are treated inhumanely. Hens are kept in confined spaces and blasted with artificial light to prolong daylight hours in order to increase egg production. Do you also know that these …

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Can You Smoke Marijuana Leaves?

Anyone who has enjoyed the high that comes with smoking marijuana either asked themselves the question can you smoke marijuana leaves or has been asked the question. It might sound silly to experienced weed smokers, but the question isn’t that dumb. After all, when you think about marijuana, the symbolic leaf …

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Which Supplements Work Best for Men?

When it comes to choosing supplements for men, there are some important physiological needs to consider. There are significant differences between men and women that affect your nutritional needs. This is why most multivitamins that you find on the market are marketed either toward men or women. For instance, there …

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