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Burts Bee’s Products Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics

Home Body Wraps, Best Eye Serum, Burts Bee’s Products: Natural Skin Care Products and Natural Cosmetics Burt’s Bees has one of the most extensive lines of natural personal skin care and cosmetic products. To them natural means one thing, ingredients that are harvested from nature. They never use ingredients that …

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What is Your Skin Type? Find Out Here

What is Your Skin Type? Learn About Types of Skin and Superior Healthy Skincare Products What is your skin type? Would you like to determine your skin type? Our skin takes a beating from environmental factors including the very air we breathe, the sun we love to bask in and …

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On Toxic Skin Care Ingredients and Natural Skin Care Recipes

Natural Skin Care Recipes – Bring Out Your Natural Beauty When visiting a local department store and browsing the cosmetic isles, you will find most cosmetics and skin care products contain at least one questionable ingredient, if not many more. Luckily the word is out about the toxic effects found …

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