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Learn About Ionic Detox Footbaths and Their Effectiveness

Body Detoxification via an Ionizing Footbath Help your body avoid disease and results of aging using body detoxification via an ionizing footbath. Body chemistry allows your human systems to build up toxins which cause chronic pain, loss of energy, sickness, lack of vitality and prevent the body from optimal functioning. …

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Anti-Aging Health Products – Natural Skin Care Recipes

Natural Beauty Tips – Cucumber Wrinkle Cream and Other Natural Skin Care Recipes Did you know that lemon juice is a beauty aid? My first encounter with lemon juice as a beauty aid was when I was going on vacation. A friend suggested I apply lemon juice on my hair …

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Odyssey to Tao Garden: A Journey of Self Mastery

Take a virtual trip to Thailand with Francesco Garripoli and Curtis McCosco. Francesco Garripoli has put together an amazing Healing Retreat and Study Trip to Thailand. The following article is written by Curtis, who enthusiastically gives Francesco’s Thailand Study Trip five stars. Garripoli shares, “We are combining the wisdom of …

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