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A Guide to Cellular Health

Do you remember in high school learning about cells?  Or, more specifically, do you remember that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but you can’t seem to remember a single other thing about cells in general? You’re not alone. If you’re not a biology major or some type …

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Alternative Healing Through Cellular Healing Therapy

  Cellular Therapy: Learn About Cellular Healing Modalities Question for Dr. Leia: I have heard of the term cellular healing, is this the same as cellular therapy? Someone was telling me about some products that renew your cells that have anti-aging prosperities. Yet I have heard the term in new …

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How Does COQ10 Work?

Have you ever wondered how the cells in our bodies generate energy? Cells, just like your body, need energy for growth and maintenance. Coenzyme Q10 (commonly referred to as CoQ10) is an organic compound naturally produced in the body. It is the nutrient responsible for creating energy in the cells. …

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How to lose weight permanently

Take your time with diets   If you have decided to lose weight, take your time before you start any restrictive diet – starvation, semi-starvation, abstaining from eating certain kinds of food according to the types of substances, etc. These diets cause stress on the body and its response is …

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Moldy food, is it unsafe?

Holistic Nutrition

Most people will throw moldy food away. These are foods that have green or even fuzzy spots on them. More so, when food start to mold, their taste and texture changes. Nonetheless, people are grossed out when they see these type of foods. It should also be said, that although …

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