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Original Article on Creating Peace in the World

My Possum Peace Plan By Dalton Roberts It had to happen. In this age of unbridled violence with nuclear bombs pointing toward every place on the planet where two or more are gathered together, someone just had to come up with the perfect way to end human killing and bring …

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Current Health Article Shares 6 Steps to Optimal Well Being

6 Steps to Optimal Well-being Do you know that to change or modify a habit, you need not invest a great deal of time? Whatever little time you can squeeze in, with and/or in-between your busy schedule, makes for a good beginning. It lays the foundation, and helps you to …

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Self-Help Article on Alcoholism for those Seeking Intervention or Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism – A Chronicle of the Alcohol Story For those seeking Alcoholism Intervention, Addiction Treatment, or Alternative Self Help for Alcoholics, this  article By Rajgopal, may be a helpful resource for understanding the effects of drinking alchohol in many people with addictions. By Rajgopal Nidamboor It’s more than a twist to the …

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