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The 4 Best Hangover Cures

Holistic nutrition

Having a drink is not the problem, but most of us have done it where we drank just too much our body can’t handle, then the next day we get hit by the side effects. From headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, a sensitivity to sounds or light, and being thirsty. To …

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4 Benefits of yoga you may not know of

If you enjoy doing yoga, you may know of the mood and flexibility benefits this exercise will bring into your life. However, there are numerous other reasons to invest the time and energy into doing yoga. The key to making this fun and enjoyable exercise a part of your weekly …

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Risks of Drinking Alcohol as a Teenager

Everyone is doing it. You will look so cool. What could happen? I am responsible. I know what I am doing. These are the things we tell ourselves as teenagers. We can handle underage drinking. We are adults. In 2011, 189,00 individuals under the age of 21 were admitted to …

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Importance of Liver Cleansing – Natural Liver Cleanse Formula

Holistic Health Solutions – Natural Liver Cleansing Info and The Amazing Liver Cleanse Book Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush Information – Learn How You Can Naturally Support Your Liver Book Review: The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush – A Powerful Approach To Improve Your Health And Vitality The liver flush …

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Health news June 2013

A very warm salutation to all readers of healthynewage. Here is a summary of key events that took place during the month of June. As you know research is ongoing and we will continue updating you on important studies that may have an impact in the health of individuals. Drinking …

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